WALLS - Release New EP and New Video For "Visions"

Metallic hardcore outfit Walls have unveiled their new EP Endeavour of Adaptation. To mark the release, the Antwerp-based group have shared a striking music video for new single 'Visions', directed by James K. Barbosa.

Watch 'Visions'BELOW!

Stream Endeavour of Adaptation: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/walls3/endeavor-of-adaptation

'Visions' follows the crushing 'Bad Tongues' and 'Quicksand', both released earlier this year. Endeavour of Adaptation celebrates the band's return from a six-year hiatus.

The band comment: "'Visions' is about overcoming our deepest fears, about pushing through with everything you've got even though the path you need to walk is unknown or frightening. We don't control the things that will happen to us, we're exposed to what the universe expects and has written out for us. Eventually, we all come to an end. But we all need to hold on to our own courage to keep fighting for what we believe in and how we want to live our life."

On their reformation, drummer Michiel Baert adds: "While we were very proud of the music we made with Walls and the release of our first EP Cult Of The Weary, it was time for an indefinite hiatus. Almost four years later, myself and some other guys wanted to play some heavy music again, and bit by bit, members of the old Walls came together again. So we decided to pick up were we left off and give our band a new meaning.

"Unfortunately, a pandemic crossed the world and we were stuck for a couple of more years. Progress was slow, the pandemic kept going and we were dying to get back on stage and show the world what we were working on. It was a frustrating time for us, as I'm sure it was for all other bands as well. Walls luckily got through it, we stayed strong, encouraged each other and we are glad we did.

"Our new music still has the same old Walls vibe that we and fans are familiar with: heavy chaotic hardcore. But now, with some influences from newer hardcore and metalcore bands that are touring the world right now, Walls has become something new. Something that fits right in! While Walls has had the pleasure of welcoming a new vocalist with this new EP, we are sure that it will still sound as Walls, just the way we want it. So, here we are. After six years, we are back with our second EP Endeavour Of Adaptation and we can't wait to get on stage and show the world what Walls is capable of."

Rising from the ashes with the help of members from Primal Truth, Fatal Move and Titans, Walls re-emerge as a band who describe themselves as “in restless pursuit of hope and meaning”, utilising everything from gnashing riffs and driving grooves to soaring melodies, in order to not only re-establish their former fan base, but expand it exponentially as well.

In a time where in all aspects of one’s life it is overwhelmingly easy to be negative, Walls strive to spark positivity and light with their eclectic combination of metal, hardcore, post-punk and nu-metal. While their studio recordings capture their precise approach to songwriting and genre-based alchemy, their deep-seated drive to play for the masses and spread their music to any ear within striking distance bleeds through into every aspect of the band’s existence. With a strong release plan already in place for their sophomore EP Endeavour Of Adaptation - and a second EP in the works to follow post-haste - Walls are as dedicated to their following as they are to creating inspiring and uplifting yet chaotic, noisy and primal music. Before 2023 is done, the world will not only have experienced Walls in their fullest, but they will understand what a unifying and powerful entity this band can truly be.

European tour dates to be announced soon. Follow Walls online to stay up to date.

Endeavour of Adaptation tracklisting:

1. Bad Tongues 
2. The Hanged Man 
3. Quicksand 
4. Faceless 
5. Visions