THE WORD ALIVE - Share Their Gleaming New Song "Slow Burn," Announce Long Awaited Full-Length Album, Hard Reset

The Word Alive are sharing their brilliant new single, "Slow Burn," produced by Hiram Hernandez, (As I Lay Dying, Blessthefall, AVOID) Erik Ron, (Nothing.Nowhere, Too Close To Touch, I Prevail) and Matt Good, (Asking Alexandria, Hollywood Undead, Sleeping With Sirens.) The track releases June 22 via Thriller Records. Alongside this release comes the band's highly-anticipated announcement of their forthcoming record, Hard Reset due out August 25 via Thriller Records. "Slow Burn" is a follow-up track to recently released singles, "Strange Love," "New Reality" and "Nocturnal Future."

"Slow Burn" enters on a powerful note and ascends into a tranquil melody showcasing crisp clean vocals. Rock tones fill the song to the brim as the track shimmers an atmosphere of serene tranquility. The single highlights The Word Alive's ability to cultivate fresh dynamics, taking fans into the brand new era for the band. "

“This song is like a vision of yourself getting into a car crash in slow motion. You’re helpless and nobody can save you but yourself… But it’s too late. Is it a vision? Or is it inevitable.” - Telle Smith, TWA "

Earlier this spring, the band premiered "New Reality" on Octane and it quickly became a fan favorite; garnering loud audience participation from the crowd on tour. Previously, The Word Alive closed out 2022 with single "Nocturnal Future," which gained notable editorial playlist support from All New Metal and Crash Course amongst others. "Slow Burn" can be found on The Word Alive's forthcoming record, Hard Reset due out August 25 via Thriller Records. "

" There will be talks of returning to our roots, blending eras of The Word Alive and of course, evolution. As you embark on this next chapter with us, we hope you’ll find something worthy of connection. Whether it helps you overcome, forget, remember, embrace, or even escape… We hope you’ll enjoy the seventh chapter of our story, and remember.. We are The Word Alive, all of us." - Telle Smith, TWA "

Hard Reset Tracklist: 

1. "The Word Alive Is Dead..." 
2. "Hard Reset" 
3. "Strange Love" 
4. "One Of Us" (ft. Bad Omens) 
5. "New Reality" 
6. "Hate Me" ( ft. Loveless) 
7. "Slow Burn" 
8. "Fade Away" (ft. Escape The Fate) 
9. "A New Empty" (ft. Philip Strand) 
10. "Static Rain" 
11. "Invisible Army" 
12. "Nocturnal Future" 
13. "War With You" (ft. From First To Last) "