STRAIGHT SHOT HOME - Present Video For New Single "Developer"

Alexandria, Louisiana-based Modern Metal/Hard Rock outfit, Straight Shot Home have released a new single and music video "Developer".

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Blending the smooth sounds of 80's synth with the deep heavy tones of modern metalcore, Straight Shot Home draws influence from the hits of the past and attempts to pay homage to the artists that paved the way. Straight Shot Home writes music that paints a very inward looking picture, taking a look at ones self and trying to discern what got a person to the point they are now. Through the lens of time and experiences Straight Shot Home asks the question who are we as people today and how did we get here? The music offers a melancholic feeling of longing for the past and hopes to elicit feelings of peaceful acceptance while also having somber heartache. Coming from central Louisiana Straight Shot Home aspires to reach the heart of many people who have interest in hearing their message on the beautiful experience of growing up and becoming who you are.