SOLENCE - Unveil New Acoustic EP Of 'Hope is a Cult' And Release New Official Music Video For "Life Goes On"

Swedish electropop-metal quartet Solence has released their first ever acoustic EP of select tracks off their latest album, 'hope is a cult' (out via Hopeless Records). In celebration of the release, the band has also unveiled the official music video for "Life Goes On".

Speaking about the EP, vocalist Markus Videsäter commented: "We’ve never done any acoustic versions of any songs before, but with the emotional content on 'Hope Is A Cult' it felt like the perfect match. Working with Sam (Guaiana) was a dream and we’re so happy with how they turned out".

Stream the 'hope is a cult' acoustic EP here, watch the music video for "Life Goes On" here or in the thumbnail below, and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more Solence news coming soon.

No matter where we come from, music draws us together and bonds us. For as much as SOLENCE sonically conjoin elements of metal, electronic, alternative, and pop, the Swedish group also appeal to an expansive swath of personalities with a universal message. Equally suitable for the mosh pit or Coachella, the band - Markus Videsäter [vocals], David “Viking” Vikingsson [drums], David Strääf [guitar], and Johan Swärd [keys] - rally around a familial energy meant to be shared as loudly as possible. After quietly generating north of 200 million streams and counting, they welcome everyone closer on their third full- length offering and Hopeless Records debut, "hope is a cult", and more to come.

“We want to build up this family around positivity, hope, and the belief you can change things” notes Markus. “We want you to forget everything that bothers you when you listen to this album. If we’re doing our job, audiences feel like they’re a part of it. When you go to a SOLENCE show, you have a good time, so hope is a cult for us".

Get the EP:

"hope is a cult" Acoustic EP Track Listing:

1. Best For You (Acoustic) 
2. Waves (Acoustic) 
3. Life Goes On