SEEING THINGS - Release New Single "Switchblade"

Capturing fear, anxiety, terror and despair, SEEING THINGS reflect on current social issues of apathy and injustice. Through their lyrics, they confront these issues directly and encourage the listener to face their own inner demons. Ever since its inception, SEEING THINGS was forged to bring a fresh new sound to the stage. The band emits a distressing energy of downtuned mania fuelled by ever-present paranoia 妄想症. With their raw, unfiltered energy and their unyielding commitment to their message, SEEING THINGS invites you on a journey of self-discovery and social awareness.

In their short time as a band Seeing Things have already landed significant editorial support from Spotify and Deezer across previous releases and have surpassed 800,000 Spotify streams alone over the past year. Furthermore, the band have had the backing of Metal Hammer, Kerrang Radio, V13, Primordial Radio, Idobi Howl, SpaceUntravel, Moshville Times, Heavy Magazine, Idioteq and many other publications. The band now release new single ‘Switchblade’ on the 9th June 2023.

Through 'Switchblade', SEEING THINGS explore the powerful and destructive nature of addiction and its potential to lead individuals down a path of self-destruction. Using the metaphor of a switchblade, they illustrate the sharp and dangerous nature of addiction that can cut deep and leave lasting scars. With the inclusion of vampirism, the lyrics take on an even deeper meaning, highlighting the all-consuming hunger and never-ending desire for blood.

Guitarist Vojta explains: "As a band, we've always been fascinated by the idea of vampirism and its cultural significance. With our upcoming album 'Blood Rave', we wanted to delve deeper into the theme and explore the metaphorical implications it holds in our society. 'Switchblade' is a song that depicts the destructive nature of addiction, inducing self-hatred and self-loathing, where one hates themselves for doing it, yet can't stop because they need it the same way as vampire craves for blood."