PUPIL SLICER - Stream New Album "Blossom"

Angular Mathcore with the bone-crushing intensity of Grindcore, PUPIL SLICER, hailing from London, UK, is streaming below their new album "Blossom".

Drawing influence from a myriad of genre classics across books, movies and videogames, Pupil Slicer crafted a story that conveys personal experiences via an other-worldly narrative creating a cohesive and confident sounding album that embraces ethereal singing, electronic breakdowns, and bold experimentation - though doesn’t shy away from a good hook and a catchy chorus - without ever losing sight of their core tenets.


1. Glaring Dark of Night 
2. Momentary Actuality 
3. Departure in Solitude 
4. Creating the Devil in Our Image 
5. The Song At Creation's End 
6. No Temple 
7. Terminal Lucidity 
8. Language of the Stars 
9. Dim Morning Light 
10. Blossom