NO LIFE - Release New Single Video "Knives Edge"

Launching into the New Zealand and Australia metal scenes with their debut EP “Radical Thoughts” and following up with nearly sold out tour, Christchurch veterans No Life have done it again with this new single seamlessly blending their unbridled modern Metalcore fury with staples from their classic Nu-Metal roots, creating an entirely unique sound that sets them apart from their contemporaries in the heavy music scene!

Lyrical Meaning:

“This track is meant to be make the listener feel uneasy but also fire them up with emotion! I wanted this song to highlight my father’s substance abuse & how, now I see him for all his flaws and think he’s rather a joke, forever indebted to repeat the cycles of drinking, saying he has quit only for him to get in more trouble after picking up again.

This was my song to fight back.” – Connor Dickson, vocalist Writing Process:

After hearing Connor’s lyrical inspiration, D.J. sat down to channel all that angst and aggression into the heaviest riffs possible. Once the foundation was laid, the band discussed the influence of Linkin Park’s “Hybrid Theory” album and the influence they wanted to channel from it into the new single. With that in mind, drummer Kahi got to work laying down trap beats and structing the rhythm section of the song to incorporate the nu metal elements that give No Life their individuality.

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