LOST ZONE - Premieres New Music Video For "Leftovers (acoustic)" feat. Jonas Oberstaller!

Italian alternative rock trio, LOST ZONE, has shared a new music video for the acoustic version of "Leftovers", featuring Voice Of Germany participant Jonas Oberstaller on guest vocals! All of the band's recent and previously-released singles will be available on their upcoming, new CD edition, containing nine exclusive acoustic versions and 11 powerful rock tracks! Resilience - Full Circle will be released on July 14, 2023 via Drakkar Entertainment / Soulfood Music.

"As in the original version, on this track we're definitely settling accounts with a few people. It is directed to all those, who only ever criticize and deal out blows, but often don't get anything done themselves. This is our call, not to let it get you down. Who gets up more often than falling down, has actually already won!" LOST ZONE singer and guitarist Florian reveals.

Like its predecessor, the new LOST ZONE music video was shot at the Pavillon des Fleurs in Merano, South Tyrol, while the band was supported by various session musicians on the piano, violin and also on the acoustic guitar. The new video clip for "Leftovers (acoustic)", featuring Jonas Oberstaller, is now streaming BELOW!

Ever since LOST ZONE debuted with their first EP, followed by Resilience in March 2022, putting the band into a bracket has never been an easy task as they include influences from rock, core but also pop elements into their music. Balancing between brutal, mean riffs and heavy beats, heartfelt ballads, a cover of Linkin Park's In The End ( with more than a half milion views to date ), between alternative rock, metal core to almost covering the musical spectrum in its entirety, subtle similarities to Bring Me The Horizon, 30 Seconds To Mars and Linkin Park could be noticed. Florian said: „It’s impossible to fully hide our influences, but we do our very own thing.“ This is underlined by the fact that the Italian three-piece entirely writes, records and produces their music themselves and in their own studio that they built in 2017.

On July 14, 2023, the band comes full circle with their new, enthralling version of Resilience - Full Circle, the pre-sale is available at THIS LOCATION!

Resilience - Full Circle track listing:

01. Leftovers 
02. Burst Like Dynamite 
03. Other Side 
04. Fall For You 
05. Boundaries 
06. Arrive 
07. Animal 
08. Broken Pieces (feat. Aaron Mayr) 
09. Last December 
10. Blacked Out 
11. Shallow Waters 
12. Burst Like Dynamite (acoustic) feat. Patrick Strobl 
13. Other Side (acoustic) feat. Tracy Merano 
14. Leftovers (acoustic) feat. Jonas Oberstaller 
15. Fall For You (acoustic) 
16. Boundaries (acoustic) 
17. Broken Pieces (acoustic) 
18. Blacked Out (acoustic) 
19. Last December (acoustic) 
20. Animal (acoustic)