IF I DIE TODAY - Release New Video For "Autumn (Sadness)"

After the recent performance at Venezia Hardcore Festival (one of Europe’s premier DIY/Alternative punk/hardcore festivals), italian post-hardcore act If I Die Today is back with a new video for "Autumn (Sadness)", new single taken from the album "The Abyss In Silence" out on 2022. A track who describes the mood of the band, with a potent mix of introspective lyricism and raw energy.

“‘Autumn‘ is a song intending to describe the stages of grief’s depression and the steps throughout which any hope is left, until the consciousness that what once was will be no more” explained the band “The single delves deep into emotional realms, capturing the essence of vain hope, loss, and the struggle of acceptance. The main character of the video, portrayed as the subconscious of a young child, navigates through various stages of grief, showcasing the pain and struggle of dealing with despair and denial, anger, negotiation, and the arduous path towards acceptance”.

01 Life 
02 Death 
03 First Day (Denial) 
04 White Noise (Anger) 
05 Ashes (Negotiation) 
06 Autumn (Sadness) 
07 Void (Acceptance) 
08 Darkness