HYRO THE HERO - Debuts Second Single “Sho Nuff” With ‘Last Dragon’-Inspired Music Video

Disruptive rap-rocker HYRO THE HERO has released a thunderous new single “Sho Nuff” today, across all digital platforms. Inspired by one of his favorite movies, the 1985 martial arts comedy The Last Dragon, the video for “Sho Nuff” was was filmed at a movie theater in Nantes (France) (where HYRO currently resides) with director Valentin Clemot and parodies scenes from the film.

"‘Sho Nuff’ is an action-packed movie full of huge explosions and abuzz with activity” says HYRO “It’s self-esteem put on record inspired by one of my favorite movies as a kid, ‘The Last Dragon.’ I’ve always wanted to make a song that exuded the confidence of Sho’nuff and the heroism portrayed by Bruce Leroy”.

“This song is all about attitude” HYRO adds “I was in the zone at the moment of recording, so I didn't even write, I freestyled this whole song. The place I feel comfortable and confident is in front of the microphone with amazing music. I felt like Godzilla, so I rapped about being Godzilla. I felt I got that glow like Bruce Leroy did, so I had to stamp it with the words ‘Sho Nuff.’ Matt Good helped create the perfect music to allow me to do that”.

HYRO is also excited to announce his third full-length album, BOUND FOR GLORY, will be released on September 15 via Better Noise Music. The 12-track album was recorded and produced by Matt Good (Asking Alexandria, Hollywood Undead) and will include “Sho Nuff” and his recently released single “Head Under Water (feat. REDDSTAR & Dan Sugarman of Ice Nine Kills)”. On the motivation for his new album, HYRO shares “It’s been a long journey to try and achieve my dreams in music. The failures I’ve faced along the way are scars that heal and teach lessons. Sometimes you may have to go through fires, climb mountains, go face-to-face with enemies and maybe even leap tall buildings in a single bound. But somehow you keep going no matter what difficulties may arise because a fire inside is the energy that drives you, and a voice inside keeps letting you know that you’re Bound For Glory. My album is that voice and that fire is the music on this record”.


01 Bound For Glory (feat. Markus Videsäter of Solence) 
02 Sho Nuff 
03 Head Under Water (feat. REDDSTAR & Dan Sugarman of Ice Nine Kills) 
04 FU2 (feat. AJ Channer of Fire From The Gods) 
05 I’m So Sick 
06 Retaliation Generation (feat. Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills) *Movie Night Remix* 
07 Renegade of Punk 
08 We Believe (feat. David Draiman) 
09 Fight (feat. Chad Gray of HELLYEAH) 
10 Woo Hah! 
11 Legendary (feat. Brandon Saller of Atreyu) *SNAILS Remix* 
12 Standing Ovation