GROVE STREET - Announce The release Of Their Debut Album "The Path To Righteousness"

Southampton hardcore/thrash quintet GROVE STREET, have announced the release of their debut album ‘The Path To Righteousness’ on September 29th through UNFD, with the release of the album’s title track.

“The Path to Righteousness represents and explores escapism & the importance of having outlets or vices to help forget about the struggles of life, and the paradoxical irony of how escaping every day life improves every day life” says guitarist Sandy. While drummer, Josh, adds “The track itself came together pretty organically in the practice room. I remember listening to Suicidal Tendencies and Power Trip at the time and wanted to capture a hybrid of groove and fast thrashy vibes. We wanted the last section to build and then finish strong and heavy. The repetitive vocal hook was added last minute in the studio, but it fast became my favourite part!”.

Looking ahead to the album itself, Sandy shares “We’ve worked on this record for a long time; it was a labour of love, from its inception to the DIY approach we took with the recording and mixing. This being our debut full length, we knew we wanted to level up on every front, which led us to be meticulous with every detail on every part of every song. We couldn’t justify rushing it for the sake of feeding the machine. We’re extremely proud of it. Every track taps into a different part of what Grove Street is”.


01 Regressing Forward 
02 Hunting Season 
03 Lessons of the Past 
04 Caught Slippin' 
05 The Path to Righteousness 
06 Ulterior Motives 
07 Born II Lose 
08 Shift 
09 Sick & Tired 
10 T.Y.D.O. 
11 Cycle of Grief