FORESTCAST - Return From Hiatus With New Single/Video "Dniwer"

Italian melodic hardcore stalwarts Forecast have released their breathtaking new single 'Dniwer', along with a stunning music video directed by Lewis Cater (Architects, All Time Low, Sum 41). Following recent comeback single 'Pollador', the track will feature on Forecast's upcoming concept EP Utopia, due to release this autumn.

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Having faced numerous setbacks since moving to the UK from Italy in 2017, the band are finally in a position to build upon the promising underground success that saw them share the stage with the likes of Malevolence and Oceans Ate Alaska, as well as gathering hundreds of thousands of streams and views across streaming platforms with their single 'Vacant', all as a fully independent band.

On 'Dniwer', the band comment: "The song is a call from the past that says “You were doing fine, don’t give up now". The narrator finds himself talking to ghosts and looking back at the journey the band has been on, to realise that he had everything right then.

"The song swings us back and forth through times when possibilities were infinite and pain wasn’t a burden at all, leaving the listener with a feeling of nostalgia that’s always been carried out from the very beginning of the band."

Speaking of their hiatus, guitarist Romeo explains: "We played many shows in Italy finding great success in the underground scene. Yet, we felt that our audience was more international, and thought that moving to the UK would help us reach this audience. The band moved to London by the autumn of 2017, which proved difficult at the start. Working every day of the week just to pay rent, with little to no time for the band. Jimmy (vocals) opened a tattoo shop in which he found himself working tirelessly every day, and Luca (guitars) was forced to move away from London as he couldn't afford to live here.

"Arising Empire got in touch around that time, but in our reduced state, we didn't have the confidence to continue the conversation with them and close a deal. It was not official, but it was during that period that the hiatus started. We all had to find a way to survive and music wasn't a priority anymore." On the band's new lease on life, he adds: "After the COVID lockdown, we started finding some stability in our lives. We were constantly receiving messages asking if we would ever come back with some new music. We all felt some degree of responsibility, that we needed to not make this project just disappear and be forgotten. So despite multiple roadblocks, including a motorbike accident involving Jimmy and I, and almost getting evicted from our London apartment due to noise complaints as we were recording the album's vocals from our bedroom studio, we have never been so excited to be in a band and feel truly grateful to be able to release new music."

Forecast are a melodic hardcore band, blending hardcore sounds akin to Counterparts and It Prevails with melodic rock arrangements. Formed in Rome in 2013 and now based in London, the band released an EP in 2015 called Good Times Until They Become Good Memories, and later released the single 'Vacant' (2016) - the latter reaching over 400,000 views on YouTube. The band now have more than 500,000 streams on Spotify, and are coming back with a new concept EP titled Utopia, scheduled for Autumn 2023. Forecast have shared stages with the likes of Hawthorne Heights, Malevolence, Kublai Khan, Kingdom Of Giants, In Her Own Words, and Oceans Ate Alaska.