FIXATION - Unleashes "Flat Earth" - The Ultimate Anthem To Kickstart The Festival Season!

With exceptional vocal performances, heavy guitar riffs, electronic elements and an incredibly catchy chorus; Fixation release their brand new single “Flat Earth”. This captivating track showcases a more pop-oriented sound compared to their previous releases, while it remains true to their signature hard-hitting and atmospheric essence. 

"Flat Earth”s massive, intense chorus is set to be a summer festival anthem, inviting audiences to jump and dance along.

Listen to the single here:

Fixation states:

Flat Earth is a track that delves into the minds of people who persuade themselves into believing conspiracy theories. People that are so centered around their own perception of the truth that they refuse to see it any other way. The lyrics sums it up: «Even if they see it, they probably won’t believe it. >