ETHEREAL VOID - “Psychosomatic Suicide” Offers A Traditional Death Metal Vision of A Mind Betraying The Body

Listen closely, and you can hear the haunting echoes of Ethereal Void, the Ontario-based trio whose music speaks of the emptiness that pervades our existence. Their death metal rhythms, infused with grooves and progressions, evoke a sense of forlornness that transcends the bounds of music. Born of the void beyond time and space, they seek to remind us of the nothingness that awaits us all. They have recently released their third album "Gods of a Dead World" and are keeping the momentum going with a lyric video for “Psychosomatic Suicide”, which they share their thoughts on:

“This song departs from the theme of the album and offers a more traditional death metal vision of a mind betraying the body and causing a suicide. It’s the only track not to feature Nemesis’ leads, and the difference is made up in the orchestral arrangement. It’s subtle, but because of this, it has more of an epic, cinematic feel than the others.”

Watch and listen to “Psychosomatic Suicide” below!

With "Gods of a Dead World" they wish to impart visions of a world drowned in darkness. A soundtrack for when entropy takes us all. Ethereal Void is inspired by the darkness alive within humanity and within the universe as a whole. Over nine potent tracks, they explore the concepts of entropy, decay, void, and ruin set to furious death metal.

They started out as straightforward death metal with what was arguably progressive and groove elements, however, this new offering takes the sound to a much more epic and grand scale, while retaining the core of that groove-based death metal sound. It is recommended for fans of Gojira, Septic Flesh, and The Design Abstract.

​“Gods of a Dead World” was released on May 26, 2023, via Abstrakted Records.

Album order -

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Track Listing:​

1. Overture to Annihilation (1:35) 
2. The Voiceless (2:59) 
3. Seeds of Hatred (3:44) 
4. The Art of Ruination (2:48) 
5. Psychosomatic Suicide (2:59) 
6. Decay (Interlude) (0:46) 
7. Return to the Void (3:34) 
8. The Brown Stone Spire (2:32) 
9. Gods of a Dead World (5:49)