DEHUMANIZING ITATRAIN WORSHIP - Stream New Album "Otakuslam​♡​Animecide"

China-based Anime Deathcore Slam outfit, DEHUMANIZING ITATRAIN WORSHIP is streaming new album "Otakuslam​♡​Animecide".


1. Otakuslam♡Animecide (feat. Kyle Medina from Bodysnatcher) [00:08] 
2. 僕らは今膣のなかで (feat. Zeyu Xu from The Dark Prison Massacre and Miri from DualInsomiNa) [01:48] 
3. ストーム・イン・カーネイジ (feat. Larry Wang from Gorepot) [06:06] 
4. Nine Infected Entrails (feat. Jack Christensen from Kraanium) [09:47] 
5. $moke Halation (feat. Tom Barber from Chelsea Grin and Gizmo) [13:18] 
6. Scream Bloody Gore (ゝω・´★) [18:03] 
7. Eien Parasites (feat. Duncan Bentley) [20:54] 
8. Niconiconi 2023 (feat. Xiyue Qiao from Leviathan and ZeRo from Scarlet Horizon) [26:08]