ANNISOKAY - Release New Video For Single "Calamity"

Annisokay, the dynamic German Post_Hardcore/Metalcore outfit, has been captivating audiences since their formation in 2007. With their exceptional blend of heavy guitar riffs, driving drum rhythms, melodic vocals, and aggressive shouts, the band has amassed a dedicated and rapidly growing fanbase across the globe.

Led by vocalist and producer Chris Wieczorek (Sawdust Recording), Annisokay have recently announced their upcoming new EP »Abyss Pt I« and today revealed the music video for the track 'Calamity'. A special take on Leony's hit single 'Remedy' but darker. Listen closely.

"With 'Calamity', our metalcore take on Leony's 'Remedy', we've delved into the struggle of being pulled into something that won't let you go. The lyrics narrate an intense internal battle and the effort to break free from a daunting situation. We thoroughly enjoyed transforming this upbeat track into a dark, heavy metalcore version and can't wait for you all to hear it.“

»Abyss Pt I« track listing:

1. Into the Abyss 
2. Human 
3. Ultraviolet 
4. Throne of the Sunset 
5. Calamity 
6. Time