WEAREGHOST - Release Brand New Video "Phoenix"

"Phoenix" the debut single by WEAREGHOST, a new alternative rock band comprised of members from Mayhem Project, A Day in L.A. and Lost Breath has hit the scene. The song perfectly encapsulates the band's artistic intentions: metal-infused riffs accompanied by pop killer-choruses, blended with influences from emo, rap, core, and electronic. "A new beginning in sight", "together we can rise" are some lyrics that reveal their desire to get back in the game and shine together.

The project's name, WEAREGHOST, can't be considered a grammatical error, but rather holds a double meaning. Ghost was the tag used by Alessio, the founder and main songwriter of the band, when he was a young graffiti artist. However, there is a deeper significance: the idea that music is like a ghost, a presence that remains and lingers in the places and minds it touches, becoming a haunting and integral part of them. The single was produced and recorded by Alessio De Santis, with mixing and mastering done by Jarno Bellasio at Theorem Studio. The accompanying music video was directed by Diego Pierini of Futurebreed Films. The project is supported by Superbia Music Group and War Music Management.

Get the single: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/weareghost/phoenix