PROSPECTIVE - Reveal New Vocalist, Release New Single Video "Fake Routine"

PROSPECTIVE has released the official music video for the song "Fake Routine". The track is taken from the band's upcoming album which is coming out later this year. More info to be announced soon.

"Fake Routine" is the first track introducing PROSPECTIVE's new singer, Daniele Magnani.

Watch the music video for “Fake Routine” and stream the song here.

“It's been a long journey into make this but we are super happy to finally be back full force.” says the band in an official post “It's with great joy that we officially welcome Daniele Magnani @rig0rmortys to Prospective. Give him a follow and show some love.”

The Italian band have been silent for over a year since the announcement of the departure of old singer before breaking the silence back in January this year announcing their appearance at Dissonance Festival the next June 3rd alongside Meshuggah.

About the new song, drummer and producer Flavio Cacciari says “There's a time in every musician's life in which you don't have any inspiration whatsoever, so you try different things: new sounds, listen to every new song that comes out or spend money on new equipment that could give you some momentum.” - he adds - “I did that and Fake Routine started with a simple riff and some synths over it, then it evolved in a super heavy breakdown with triplets and glitches. The opening riff of the song dates back to 2021 and that's one of the few parts that remained the same till now. The song went under a lot of revisions and changes because of our new singer Daniele which brought a lot of new fresh ideas. We also asked our dear friend Davide Aroldi to help us with the production. He enhanced the choruses and added sound design throughout the song making it even more heavy. Mix and master is done by the almighty Federico Ascari that also helped us with choruses and vocal production. I'm so happy how the song turned out, the fact that so many people worked on it it's an added value for sure.”

Our new singer Daniele brought a lot of new fresh ideas

Guitarist and singer Luca Zini, speaking about the new singer and how he joined Prospective said “Daniele joining the band was the most pleasant and at the same time unexpected thing that happened to me in 2022. We were in Malta with the rest of the band and other friends to attend the BMTH Experience festival when I got a video from Dani on my Instagram page. Upon opening it we were stunned to see this young dude with a very powerful scream, a voice that would blow your mind. We all immediately understood that he would have become the new frontman of the band. After a very long and hard time we can finally reveal that Daniele is the new member of the family!”

“He (Dani) had to face many challenges and learn a lot in a very short time, it wasn't easy, but we are all extremely happy with what we have created in this last year.” says bassist Giuseppe Colli “The line-up change and the pandemic years put us on our knees, to the point that we were considering to call it quit. The only thing I can genuinely say is that Dani saved us, he saved the band and our music, and it was really worth it. We will always be grateful to him for this and for the commitment and trust he has shown us. A new chapter begins for Prospective, this is just the beginning.”

The new song Fake Routine highlights the obsession with social media and the online world, where people are reduced to views and likes, and real-life connections are replaced by false ones. It is a bold and thought-provoking critique of the superficiality and artificiality of modern life, calling on people to break free from their “fake routines” and strive for more authentic and meaningful connections.

When asked about taking steps as the new Prospective's frontman, singer Daniele Magnani stated “Well I still can't believe it, for me it's literally a dream come true, I'm overloaded, but at the same time nervous because I still have to learn a lot and I feel so much pressure, but I'm really, really happy to finally be closer and closer to the realization of my dream. Most of all I'm happy to start this whole new chapter of my life in a comfortable environment surrounded by people that have become my second family. They have been amazing in supporting me in this journey in which I started completely from scratch, and I thank them for all the trust. Having said that now is the time to work hard, come out and kick ass! So check out Fake Routine and get ready for our new album to come out later this year”.