ORCHID'S CURSE - Contrast Melodic Death Metal And Thrash Metal In New Single “Dead Idols”

Since forming in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in late 2005, Orchid’s Curse has positioned itself at the forefront of the highly underrated East Coast metal scene in Canada. They ensure that every show leaves them drained of all they had and every album is created with the most care and the best team they can find. This determination and attention to detail is what makes their new EP “The Decay” a melodic death album you’ll definitely want in your rotation. The second single is “Dead Idols”, which the band details:

“Unlike the opening track, “Better Men”, this song gets right into it from the opening note. It is a four-minute melodic death and thrash-inspired banger. Lyrically this song explores society’s idolizations of people who may not deserve the adoration.”

Juxtaposed against the atmospheric opener and the sludgy and experimental track that follows, “Dead Idols” is yet another display of varied influences brought together seamlessly with care and dedication. In the early days, the band had more of a standard, mid-2000s metalcore sound. With each new release, the band has continued to progress and refine its sound. With “The Decay”, Orchid’s Curse continues this trend incorporating a multitude of sounds and influences across the heavy metal spectrum and beyond.

Over the course of their career, Orchid’s Curse has performed and toured with some of their favourite bands including 3 Inches of Blood and Goatwhore. Their ferocious passion is remarkable and no one should sleep on a chance to see them live. They are especially recommended for fans of The Black Dahlia Murder, Burnt By The Sun, and Darkest Hour.

Listen to “Dead Idols” below!

“The Decay” is due out June 16, 2023.

Album pre-order - https://orchidscurse.bandcamp.com/

Track Listing:​

1. Better Men - 5:42 
2. Dead Idols - 4:24 
3. The Divergence of Man - 4:45 
4. Divided by Everything - 2:31 
5. Pay to Prey - 6:24