TRAVELLER - Release New Single Video "Imprint"

Post-Metalcore band TRAVELLER released today their new single and music video "Imprint".

“Homesick is the new embodiment of Traveller's strife to find a place to belong in a fast paced world, full of impressions that tend to overhelm the young generation. Low tuned, progressive influenced riffs, that are paired with cinematic sounding melodic guitar elements, are making Homesick a modern Metalcore-hymn that could be a new favourite for fans of Currents, Architects or Invent Animate. Traveller are once again evolving their sound with massive cinematic landscapes and a combination of Melodic Hardcore elements and modern Metalcore riffs. The Germany based Metalcore powerhouse recently returned with a new lineup after the well received ”Distance Calls” EP in 2021 to once again shake up the scene. The band had a great combeack with the first two singles "Burdens" and "Sleepless", collecting over 150,000 streams on all platforms. Traveller portrays a vitalizing and thoroughly explored version of themselves, lyrically and instrumentally. Lyrically, the song is about the feeling of being trapped inside a mental cage, hoping for better days to come. The band depicts that topic in a poetical way and compares it to a overfilled city and the will to finally leave home to explore the real world. Living in a world full of impressions and distractions without a way to find a clear path, the band picks up a current dilemma of the young generation and makes the listener feel understood. This is making Homesick to a pendant to one of the fan-favourites Traveller song "Distance Calls".