THE DAY WE LEFT EARTH - Release Their New Single "The Wire"

THE DAY WE LEFT EARTH has grown from clarity to clarity over their debut year. Latest single together with Dead By April raised the bar and the two bands are leaving for tour together this fall. The album plan for TDWLE is set, and will be released in January 2024. It is also set that the band will participate in Norwegian outtakes to Eurovision 2024, Grand Prix. As if this wasn't enough, The Day We Left Earth have also signed with a bigger booker and have joined the roster along bands like: Lacuna Coil, Arch Enemy, Dark Tranquility and Evergrey.

Today, THE DAY WE LEFT EARTH are releasing their new single 'The Wire', a fierce and emotional metal song. Singer Martin Bjerkes hauntingly beautiful lyrics and big range vocals, together with the smattering metal foundation makes this the perfect metal tune.

-The Wire is a song about empowerment and about coming out stronger. It's about that battle in our minds when making changes for the better.

'The Wire' is out now on all streaming services!