OUR HOLLOW, OUR HOME - Release Deluxe Edition Album "Burn In The Flood", Share Visualizer For "Monochrome"

After years of relentless hard work, dedication and refining their craft, Southampton based metalcore devotees Our Hollow, Our Home returned with their 3rd album, and finest to date, »Burn In The Flood«. Released today, the record represents another step up in quality for a band who have become one of the most deserving and hardworking success stories in the UK metal scene in the last five years. Despite their recently announced departure from all members but Tobias, Our Hollow, Our Home will continue but close an important chapter with the Deluxe Edition of »Burn In The Flood«.

A wrap up and ageless souvenir of all people & fans bringing this masterpiece to life. »Burn In The Flood (Deluxe)« holds five original songs on top and is available as limited colored double vinyl in two variants (limited to 500 copies each) including a special etching and CD, together with merch options at the Arising Empire Shop and Impericon.

Track listing »Burn In The Flood Deluxe«:

01. Burn In The Flood 
02. Failsafe 
03. In Retrospect 
04. Monarch 
05. Better Daze 
06. Nerv 
07. Overcast 
08. Remember Me 
09. Children Of Manus 
10. Blood 
11. Seven Years (Shine A Light On Me) (Deluxe songs) 
12. Battle X City 
13. Idlewaves 
14. Miles > Motion 
15. Monochrome 
16. Shatterdome

Watch/stream 'Monochrome' below! Order »Burn In The Flood Deluxe« here: https://arisingempire.com/burnintheflooddeluxe

The level of relatability, coupled with their relentless touring with the likes of A Day To Remember, The Ghost Inside and Polaris and high profile slots at festivals like Graspop, Nova Rock, Summerblast and Jera On Air, has seen the band command an ever growing army of highly dedicated followers; they have over 70,000 onSpotify, have been viewed over 8 million times on Youtube and have over 29,000 Instagram followers and 107,000 on Facebook and 2017’s debut album »Hartsick« reached the top spot of the Itunes chart for rock and metal in the UK, as well as placing in the top ten in the USA, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Italy and Germany.

They were also boosted by their hugely popular cover of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of You’ in 2017, which was picked up by BBC Radio One’s Greg James and subsequently topped the iTunes UK rock and metal chart, and racked up over 300,000 plays on YouTube on its first week of release.

For a band who have handled their own operations internally without the help of major label or industry backing till today, that is a mightily impressive number, and testament to the devotion Our Hollow, Our Home have to their craft. But it’s more than just the numbers that are impressive, it’s the way in which those people have connected with the band. Be it their lyrical content, their staunchly DIY approach, their high energy live shows or their down to earth attitude, Our Hollow, Our Home have connected with their audience in a way that cannot be forced or faked.