MOVEMENTS - Drop Official Videos For Two Brand New Songs: "Killing Time" + "Lead Pipe" Usher In An Exciting Creative Era For The Beloved SoCal Band

Southern California band MOVEMENTS — Patrick Miranda, vocals; Ira George, guitar; Spencer York, drums; and Austin Cressey, bass — are back with not one but TWO new songs, produced by Will Yip. The band has spent the past several months flexing their creative muscles, pushing their sonic boundaries, and diligently working on new material.

Today, they have shared some of the results of their labor with videos for "Killing Time" and "Lead Pipe." Watch the videos, directed by Drew Horen, here.

"We feel they are the perfect introduction to a new era of Movements," the band states about the new material. "These songs incorporate the core values and themes you'd expect from a Movements song — but they're packaged up in a much different manner."

"Killing Time" packs quite a bit of groove, tension, and dissonance. To that end, the band states that it's "a love song with a dark, self-deprecating undertone. The verses are gritty and dense, the choruses open up into an almost pop-centric singalong before diving into a crushing bridge that exemplifies a love so strong that it can (and probably will) end up killing the narrator."

On the flip side, "Lead Pipe" is a fast, driving, and intense tune that operates off a distorted grind engine, with the band deeming it "a classic mental health track, but one that you probably wouldn't expect or even realize on first listen. The narrator here is describing the moment they realize their dark past is coming back to haunt them. Something they thought they'd overcome is suddenly knocking at the door and will do anything to get back in. However, this time is different. Our narrator is hellbent on ending that struggle once and for all, and has chosen to fight back instead of give in."

Indeed, it has been a whirlwind few years for Movements as evidenced by the fact that band's 2020-released album No Good Left to Give debuted at #3 on the Alternative chart and their streams have doubled since then, with 200 million total plays in the U.S. alone. However, despite their success, the post-hardcore quartet has constantly reinvented itself since forming in 2015. The band dropped the EP Outgrown Things in 2016 and further cemented its sound on the 2017 full-length debut Feel Something. Press accolades have continued to follow the band, from Brooklyn Vegan, AXS, Rock Sound, Culture Collide, Guitar World, and more.

Fans will no doubt be eager to ingest and enjoy the new songs.

But they can expect more new music from Movements soon — as "Lead Pipe" and "Killing Time" are just the beginning.

Get the tracks: