Two weeks back and we were back in the Austrian capital Vienna. This time we were at Arena venue, the bigger hall for the first date of the Impericon festival. The bill of bands was great so is no wonder why the show was sold out!

The opening band was the local support and as I know the Austrian scene, I don't remember hearing them before. We are talking about Vandans. They released their debut album in 2015 "Care On Reverse". They play Post-Hardcore. The first songs thought they we more pop-punk with some breakdowns. Then later on we could hear more core-infused songs. They got the crowd to move and had participation as well. As for the opening local band, good solid job!

After a short break, we had to chance to see UK's As Everything Unfolds. They didn't even start the show when the band sadly had technical difficulties and then carried on through thor whole set. The band couldn't hear themself on stage, which is quite nerve-wracking for the artist. The band is gearing up to release their new album "Ultraviolet" which will be released this month. They combine alt-rock with post-hardcore elements. It was hard to watch the first two songs vocalist Charlie struggling with not hearing herself, but never the less all the difficulties the band had they put really a good show, with the opening Ultraviolet, then "Slow Down" us, after that hit us with "Blossom",  basically performed all the new songs from the upcoming album released so far and closed with amazing "On the Inside". Would love to see the band in the near future headling show. They sure "Felt Like Home" to us!

We saw for the first time Dragged Under. Seatlle-based Hardcore outfit sure had the right approach and energy, which is contagious. The frontman Anthony Cappocchi reminded me a lot of the later Stick To Your Guns, Jesse Berrnet, for the visual and vocal aspects. They opened with "Instability" and craziness in the crowd started with mosh pits rioting. All this was followed by "Suffer", then "Brainwash Broadcast", "Weather", "Upright Animals", "Chelsea", and the final "Hypochondria". The real straight-to-your-face approach. Great job, guys, great job!

Then was time for some of the heavyweights of the night. Slovene Within Destruction was next. Only a three-piece band, that started back then as a Death Metal band, then transitioned into a Slam Deathcore outfit, to lately be in more Metalcore oriented sounds with the last release of "Lotus". Believe it or not, we saw them for the very first time, despite being from our home country. The short setlist consisted of their last two albums. Se could hear "Yōkai", "Toxic", "Survival", "Scars", "No Way Out" and they closed with the title track of their second album "Deathwish". The vocalist Rok has a really dynamic vocal range from pig squeals to demonic growls. The crowd seemed to enjoy the show as we did!

The next on stage was the quiet the opposite from before, the most "light" band in the sound of the night, pop-punk's UK's Boston Manor. The band released their last album "Datura" last year. Despite being let's say a stand-out band from the heavy bill of the bands, the venue was still packed and the people seemed to enjoy them as much as before the heavier bands. This all shows how the crowd at Impericon is diverse and respectful to each band, despite the genre they play.

We were put back in the heavy world with Fit Fior An Autopsy, a Deathcore outfit from the US. Saw them last year in May for the first time when they were on their first headline European tour and was ok. Burt this time around I must say they were one of the best of the night! The stage presence, and performance, all was top-notch! Most songs were from the last album "On What the Future Holds". They opened with "A Higher Level of Hate". We could see the biggest circle pit of the night so far. The next were "Black Moon" and "Black Mammoth". When we arrived at the middle of the show it was time for the bangers from "The Sea of Tragic Beats" and "Warefere". Amazing show from the guys! Bravo, bravo!

Next to hit the stage was the fine Frech Metalcore export and with them again technical difficulties, like before happened to As Everything Unfolds. because of that, the band was short of two songs to perform.
They opened with the hit single "Lost In The Wave" and when the opening line from Florent Salfati hit "I can't breath, I'm suffocating" the arena was on fire and in the air moshing! Saw the band for the second time and as far as my experience with them, they always deliver! Pure energy, jumps on stage, movement! So sad they had to cut the set short. Can't wait to see them again!

With Fit For An Autopsy, Thy Art Is Murder was the heaviest that Impericon can offer us that night! Australian finest Deathcore champs, put as they always do, an excellent show! "Reign of Darkness" is one of the anthems of the genre and a must in every single show! CJ was not as talkative as usual and funny as he normally is, but nevertheless, just his presence on stage is something that droves fans crazy.
They had the most impressive light show of the night! "The Purest Strain Of Thate" is also a must-have at their show. One of the bands that never let you down!

Stick To Your Guns was to hit the stage next. Hardcore force to be reckoned with! Sure frontman Jesse Berrnet had some controversy this past summer in Europe, but that guy is a pure force and of the best hardcore singers in the game, period!
This time we didn't hear any preachers from him, but only music! His voice for sure is a "Weapon" and the whole floor was one big mosh pit. Standing beside the wall of the venue was not even safe anymore. This was a complete riot! Fists were surfing through the air, singalongs, bodies started to fall down, mayhem! Contenders for the best show of the night!

The final act was in the name of the Metalcore act, The Ghost Inside. The first time I saw them was right on the Impericon Fest, I believe was the second edition in 2015, as then frontman Jonathan Vigil stated it was. After that, we all know what happened on that morning of November 19, 2015. Jonathan talked openly about what happened and pointed out that drummer Andrew Tkaczyk is playing the drums with only one leg, because of the horrible bus accident.
They opened with "Avalanche" . The set mostly consisted of "Dear Youth" and the last self-titled album released in 2022. Despite Jonathan coughing through the set and also stating that the band is not in good health, they pulled the show to the end with the final "Aftermath" before finishing with the encore "Engine 45". The band are the true warriors for what they had been through. All respect to those guys!

In the end, was another amazing day spent with great people, awesome bands at Impericon Fest. See you next year!