CRISIS THEORY - Release New Single "Against All Odds"

Modern Metal outfit, Crisis Theory have released a new single "Against all Odds".

Crisis Theory is a producer’s super group with all members self-recording, writing, and editing music. Crisis Theory combines pop and electronic rock elements into melodic metal. Crisis Theory closes physical and generational gaps with members from different countries, backgrounds, and ages. Crisis Theory is inspired by bands like Bring Me The Horizon and Architects.

Members: - Chris Twiest (DTN Music, CONVOKE) Chris brings his writing, producing, and mixing skills to Crisis Theory; his obsession with every detail of a song makes the songs of Crisis Theory feel lively with the right amount of Pop and Electronic influences. - Sietse de Krieger (Sietse de Krieger, Wake of Dawn, Raven Called Sin), Sietse brings his fantastic guitar, writing, and producing skills to Crisis Theory giving Crisis Theory that fresh modern metal sound. - Phobos Storm (The Strigas, FloVeR, Inner Scar) Fabio brings his incredible vocals, writing, and producing skills to Crisis Theory, giving Crisis Theory a unique rock sound not often found in metal. - Leon Kloosterman (Undawn) Leon brings years of experience as a guitar guru, vocalist, writer, and producer to Crisis Theory. Leon ensures that Crisis Theory rocks with insane guitar solos and vocal hooks. - Rene Gerbrandij (Menacer, Disembodied Tyrant, Ov Ruin), Rene brings insane drums, writing, and producing skills to Crisis Theory. In addition, Rene uses gospel drumming techniques to ensure Crisis Theory sounds like nothing else out there.