BUGGIN - Address Representation In Hardcore On Charged New Single "Not Yours"

Chicago hardcore band Buggin will release their debut full-length, Concrete Cowboys, on June 2nd via Flatspot Records. Following first single “All Eyes On You,” today the band shares the next taste of the record with “Not Yours.” The lyrics takes on a more serious tone for the band, delving into the tokenization of women and non-binary folks in the hardcore scene, as vocalist Bryanna Bennett proclaims “call us female fronted you can eat my fist.” The song itself highlights the band’s punchy, shout-along style built on potent rhythms and made for two-stepping. You can listen to “Not Yours” here now.

Expanding on “Not Yours”, vocalist Bennett states:

“A more personal one about dealing with the tokenization of being seen as a girl in hardcore. I’m non-binary and I hate being thrown in ‘female fronted’ categories. We just want to rock without people making it weird or only liking us for that reason.”

Formed in 2019, Buggin broke out with a demo that same year and the title Concrete Cowboys comes directly from that release. The album follows 2021’s Buggin Out EP, and singles “Brainfreeze” (2021) and “Attitude” (2022). Working with producer Andy Nelson at Bricktop Studios and with mastering by Brad Boatright at AudioSiege, Buggin have created an enthralling 12 songs. The subject matter ranges from fun takes about everyday occurrences to anthems of self-empowerment. With the release of Concrete Cowboys, Buggin continues to keep their be true to yourself mentality and push towards a bright future in hardcore.

Conrete Cowboys Tracklist:

1. Bug Slam 
2. All Eyes On You 
3. Get It Out
4. Snack Run
5. The Customer Is Always Wrong
6. Poser Bulldozer
7. Hard 2 Kill
8. Not Yours
9. Concrete Cowboys
10. Redacted
11. Kick Rocks
12. Youth

Tour Dates: 

6.4 - Detroit, MI @ Tied Down Fest 
25.6 - Manchester, UK @ Outbreak

w/ Spaced

26.6 - Newcastle, UK @ Head of Steam 
27.6 - Newport, UK @ The Cab
28.6 - London, UK @ New Cross Inn
29.6 - Brighton, UK @ The Prince Albert
30.6 - Antwerp, BE @ AMC
01.7 - Rennes, FR @ Superbowl of Hardcore
02.7 - Paris, FR @ Esspace
03.7 - Frankfurt, DE @ Exzess
04.7 - Eindhoven, NL @ Dynamo
05.7 - Hannover, DE @ Bei Chez Heinz
06.7 - Berlin, DE @ Cassiopei
07.7 - Velke Mezirici, CZ @ Fajt Fest
08.7 - Halle, DE @ Halt Mich Fest
09.7 - Ieper, BE @ Ieper Fest