XANVALA - Stream New Album “NIX”

Japanese alt-rock band XANVALA proudly presented their second album “NIX” on March 29, 2023. XANVALA offers top-notch rock tracks that show the maturity and growth of the band over the last three years.

In contrast to their well-received first album “Tsuki to Taiyou” released one year ago; “NIX” is not about duality, but a new canvas for exploring their multidimensionality. From the art direction, music arrangements to the emotive voice work, there is a strong sense of elegance emanating from the album without compromising the excitement and edginess of rock music.

The 14 tracks album compiles digital singles like “NIX”, “joke”, “Que Será, Será”, among others; and includes new songs like the promotional “Meimei”.

The members of XANVALA comment on the album:

"This album is more on the emotional side. I wanted to show through the lyrics a glimpse of “humanity” in each story, while still exploring the many facets of XANVALA. I hope you can perceive a little growth in us."

— Vocalist Tatsumi

It turned out to be a great work. After all the sound experimentation after our first album, I feel that I reached the point where I don’t need to look for something new to try out. It demonstrates how much we have progressed and matured. And precisely because of its maturity, it’s more interesting and sets apart from the others. It feels strange and different to me but, at the same time, I’m very fond of it. There are many strong feelings towards this album that I haven’t been able to completely acknowledge them yet. To sum it all up, it is a mature and bold album that I am proud of. I’m sure it will impress everyone out there.

— Guitarist Yuhma

This album will help to understand more what XANVALA is about. All the songs are strong rivals that showcase the special assets of each different composer. For instance, I incorporated elements of J-pop (where my original roots are grounded in) for “Haru ga sasaru” and I also put a taste of K-pop in “joke”, which is a genre I listen to in my everyday life. These songs of various colors are connected by the lyrics of Tatsumi, creating a coherent story. The album is a confident recommendation for a new listener.

— Guitarist Souma

It is quite common that people only listen to 1 or 2 songs from an album and call it a day. But this album is not like that. I’d be happy if everyone can enjoy it in its entirety.

— Bassist 70.

For the ones who aren’t familiar with our music, I would like them to listen to our previous works first. Then, if you listen to this new album, you’ll see how our sound has evolved. Rather than focusing on heaviness, we tried a more sophisticated and progressive approach. Please enjoy all the songs!

— Drummer Tomoya

After their successful 2022 Japanese tour “ASK”, the band embarked on a new tour titled “ANS” to end in the summer, expecting not only to meet regulars and newcomers in different cities across Japan, but also to conquer bigger and bigger venues each time, proving why XANVALA is one of the gems of the new generation of the Visual Kei scene.

Listen to “NIX” on digital platforms: https://lnk.to/IxmVYr78


1 meteorite fall 1:41 
2 変身 3:13 
3 MY BLACK 3:14 
4 落ちていく魔法 4:01 
6 joke 3:32 
7 ケ・セラ・セラ 3:07 
8 冥冥 4:04 
9 心臓 4:34 
10 春が刺さる 4:10 
11 アーティスト 4:02 
12 リード・アクトレス 3:49 
13 DAYS 4:09 
14 NIX