THEN IT ENDS - Release New Single "No Strength For The Weak" ( A Past Unknown Cover)

Metalcore outfit, Then It Ends have released a new single "No Strength For The Weak" ( A Past Unknown cover).

Then It Ends was formed in 2020. Coming from the state of Iowa where the metal scene thrives, Then It Ends consists of the bands A Past Unknown and Dividing The Masses. Both of these bands were influential and had a passion for the Iowa Metalcore/Deathcore scene. They played numerous local shows together, toured together and became great friends through it all. Their common vision led them to create a new band called Then It Ends. Years of touring and being in the music industry, everyone took years off to pursue different careers. However, music has always been a passion and that passion has been reignited. Then It Ends released their debut album Restored in October of 2020 and has brought a nostalgic yet new twist to Metalcore. Then It Ends spreads a message of hope in a world that needs it.