THE TONGUE OF EDEN - Release Debut Single Video Reprehensible

Metal/EDM outfit, The Tongue Of Eden have released a debut single and music video "Reprehensible".

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THE TONGUE OF EDEN is a metal and EDM hybrid group created, composed, performed, engineered, and produced by Eric Park (Wrought of Obsidian, A Devil’s Daydream, and ex-Devourment), and Ian Nizialek (YSA). Their heavy, hard-hitting, fast and grinding metal flows seamlessly underneath a soundscape of cutting synth melodies, thematic orchestrations, rhythmic dance grooves, and visceral vocals.

The first single and music video entitled ‘Reprehensible’ showcases their brand of aural offering, while painting a clear picture visually of their conceptual mission. TTOE will continue to release singles in 2023 leading up to release of their first album entitled ‘Fallow’.