STRANGERS - Drop Video For New Single "Surai Seraya"

Indonesian Metal outfit, STRANGERS have released a new singel and music video "Surai Seraya".

STRANGERS is a supergroup from top notch bands in the heavy music scene in Indonesia, including Dixie Erlangga ex “Dead With Falera” and “Sheol”, Avedis Mutter “Aftercoma”, Cikhal Nurzaman ex “Revenge The Fate”, Ichal Tofandy “CVNDY” and Putra Pra Ramadhan “Burgerkill”.

Initially STRANGERS was just a side project, but the hype and enthusiasm from their fans and friends drove this band to another level. STRANGERS Has set a new benchmark in the heavy music scene in Indonesia.

The debut single "BERHALA" was released independently in April 2022 and received an unexpectedly positive response, and it became a first step for the band and opened the door of creativity to another darkness in their musicality.