STONESIDE - Share New Single "Foothills"

Texan heavy hitters, STONESIDE., have revealed a new single "Foothills".

STONESIDE are comprised of Crane (writer, vocals, instruments and co-arranger) and Wheeler (drummer and co-arranger), and were officially formed in Brookshire, Texas, USA, during the 2020 pandemic. The roots of the group, however, run much deeper, tracing back to frontman Crane’s loss of a beloved family member to Lou Gehrig's Disease. Feeling desperate for the words and guidance of his lost relative, Crane began seeking out age old mystical means of communicating with the deceased. This pursuit continued for years, resulting in numerous intense and captivating stories that begged to be told. This is where STONESIDE comes in, as the vehicle in which to express and memorialise these stories. Each song that STONESIDE create reflects a particular person’s life and death journey – the highs and lows, and the triumphs and regrets.

Although STONESIDE are a new band, Crane and Wheeler have worked together on several musical projects. So, when Crane had the vision to start STONESIDE, it was a natural fit for Wheeler to join the ranks. With so much recent uncertainty in the world, the duo poured their energy into writing and creating music. They converted an old shed into a recording studio and set about recording tracks for their debut release.