NEXT DOOR TO HEAVEN - Release A Remixed Version Of Their Hit Album “V Ways To Accept”

Los Angeles-based band Next Door To Heaven has just dropped an album called “V Ways To Accept. Black Edition”. This work is a remixed version of a longplay previously heard by fans in 2019. Black edition differs in many aspects, including the sound itself and arrangements, as well as the vocals. This time the album includes 11 tracks instead of 10. “Out of the fire” (completely remade track from 2017) shows how solid the band has become and gives an impression on their future tracks which the band says to be currently working on.

The vocalist comments: “We’ve decided it’s the perfect place and time to remix those songs in order to show them and feel them in a new way. This is the time when all of us think about the current conflicts, catastrophes, losses and pain the world is going through and 5 ways that are actually 5 stages of grief are like a mirror for our thoughts and feelings. It’s sometimes hard to look in the mirror but you have to do it to become a better version of yourself and survive”.

Next Door To Heaven is a progressive metalcore band based in Los Angeles, CA. Next Door To Heaven’ s debut album “Let’s Dream” made it to the top-20 on Google Play and held the position for almost 2 months. Next Door To Heaven have supported such iconic bands as RED, TESSERACT. The band released the second full-length album in 2019 via Sliptrick records and supported it by playing gigs worldwide as well as releasing a few singles. Amongst them are: “Starry Sky”, “Exit Station”, “Out of the fire”, “Dance With Me”. The last-mentioned is a sensational single released in 2020 and followed-up by a music video that gained a lot of views, airing on the radio and attention. In spring 2021 Next Door To Heaven has released a new EP “Inside” as well as a music video for “Calibrate”. One of the tracks from the EP - “Flare Up” was recorded with one of the most famous rapcore vocalists - Lord Nelson (ex-Stuck Mojo). Next Door To Heaven released a music video for “Disguise” in 2022 - a track from an upcoming EP that the band is now working on.


01 Denial I: Space And Time 
02 Denial II: Commotion 
03 Anger: Unrestrained 
04 Bargaining: Revoke 
05 Depression I: Razors 
06 Depression II: Illusion 
07 Depression III: Mistaking 
08 Acceptance I: Believe In Me 
09 Acceptance II: I See Through 
10 Acceptance III: Reflections 
11 Out Of The Fire (bonus track)