METIDE - Releases New Single "Lethe"; New Album "Erebos" To Be Released June 9th on Black Lion Records!

June 9th will see the release of "Erebos", the sophomore studio album by Bergamo, Italy -based Post Metallers Metide. Recorded and engineered by Enrico Baraldi at Vacuum Studios, mixed by the band’s guitarist and singer Omar Carissimi and mastered by the iconic James Plotkin, "Erebos" wants to take its listener along an intense introspective journey.

The six tracks are tied together by allegorical imagery and raw, visceral lyrics, while the sonic research of the band opens to a variety of explorations in the post-metal genre and beyond; from raging, distorted assaults, through atmospheric, cinematic passages, to electronic yet gut-wrenching pieces, "Erebos" aims to deliver a vibrant emotional palette. The artwork of the album, conceived as an integral part of the experience, offers a twisted dynamism of shapes and colours, which intends to be a visual augmentation to a soundscape for personal atonement.

In support of the upcoming album, Metide have unleashed the first single "Lethe". You can listen to the track BELOW!

Tracklist reads as follows:

01. Acheron 
02. Lethe 
03. Styx 
04. Cocytus 
05. Phlegethon 06. Erebos

"Erebos" will be coming out on June 9th via Black Lion Records and is now available for pre-order at THIS LOCATION