JACKELS - Drop Addictive New Single "Dig In"

Northern noise hounds JACKALS have today unveiled their new single ‘Dig In’. The relentless, cardinal and infectious new single plays on the fact that your addictions want you to indulge. The more you 'dig in', the closer you are to the grave.

An exciting new voice on the UK heavy music scene, JACKALS collapse Nu metal into the atonality of hardcore, fusing it with the melody and vulnerability of Grunge to form something truly anomalous.

“Dig in is based on the idea of drug addiction but narrated by the drug itself, the song personifies the drug and its direct effects on a person. When you let drugs into your life they can sort of take on a whole persona unto themselves and we wanted to shine a light on that and show how destructive these can be. Like that one toxic friend you've had that keeps trying to worm their way back into your life.” - JACKALS

Watch the official music video for ‘Dig In’ right below!

Not content to play it safe, JACKALS are unafraid to wrap their music in the themes that matter most to them. From the invisible boundaries and constructs society places upon us to the way the western world acts as an enabler to toxic masculinity, there is nothing taboo, and no qualms about addressing the painful truths of a soulless society.

A band for the here and now, JACKALS will present their blistering live set with a headline show in Leeds on Friday 5th May. Full Details below:

Friday 5th May 2023 - Leeds - Fox and Newt Tickets - Tour | JACKALS (jackalsband.com)