EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE : DEVITALIZED - Release Crushing Third Single “X_X” From Upcoming Debut Album "State Of Aggression"

Massachusetts multi-genre metal outfit Devitalized have released the third single “X_X” in anticipation of their debut album State Of Aggression due out later this year.

Devitalized hold nothing back on “X_X”, a fusion of groovy melodic riffs and crushing deathcore-inspired breakdowns. “We took a lot of inspiration from bands such as Lorna Shore, Knocked Loose, and Alpha Wolf for this track,” says vocalist John-Paul Ratta. “All the way through the lyrics, sound, style, and even how I would express myself in the studio, it all came together to inspire what would be come the blueprint for “X_X”

"Writing X_X was probably one of the hardest songs to write emotionally just because it’s hard to jot down dark thoughts without making them seem “contentious” or “concerning” even though it’s about my attempts and struggles with these issues. We hope that people who listen to this can sorta find peace within themselves knowing that they aren’t alone in the world! It’s probably one of our favorite songs by far just because the actual track itself goes pretty hard! We’re really excited to see what people think and hope it’s a song they can relate to."
While the pummelling instrumentals shine upon first listen, there’s a deeper story that lies beneath the surface. John-Paul Ratta describes, “I wrote “X_X” when I was at the lowest point of my life. It’s my experience with suicide and self harm. I’m hoping it will reach those who feel lost, those who are tired, and those who want to give up. I want to empower and help those people that are in the same position.”

“X_X” is the follow up to “Deep Cuts” and “False Reality”, both of which will be featured on their upcoming debut album. State Of Aggression will contain 10 tracks in total and have a feature from a very prominent figure in the deathcore scene, yet to be revealed. It will be the follow up to the band’s debut EP RESURGENCE, which was remastered and re-released in 2022.

Devitalized are a group of self-proclaimed teenage “outcasts” looking to make a difference with their multi-genre blend and heavy weight lyrics. Their music features rebellious themes inspired by their collective backgrounds in bullying, abuse, poverty, addiction, mental illness, and more. With no one to vent too, they turned to music.