ENDA VINERA - Drop Debut Single "Death's Calling"

Online Deathcore act, ENDA VINERA have dropped their debut single "Death's Calling".

Enda Vinera is a band created by the internet, for the internet. First conjured up by the youtuber known as 'McNasty' discovering the vocalist, Paxton (ScreamyMemey) on Tiktok, and asking him to start the most epic deathcore band in all of existence. McNasty was also colleagues with the lead member of 'Brojob', Andrew Zink, as he had him make his long-standing Youtube outro, and upon the bands discovery, McNasty inquired Andrew about the band and he reluctantly agreed. McNasty also contacted 'David Paridise', drummer of 'Dream of Scipio' and popular Tiktok drummer, and he also reluctantly agreed. So essentially, with the help of McNasty, Enda Vinera MIGHT be the first internet personality deathcore band. And with the combination of insane vocals, tight riffs, shredding leads, and lightspeed drums, they bring you some of the most mind-blowing deathcore creations of all time!