ABADDONIA - Announces Tour Dates In Support Debut EP “Dawn of the Serpent” + New Video "Keres"

Recently unleashing their debut EP “Dawn of the Serpent” produced by Chris Wiseman (Shadow of Intent), St. Louis' Abaddonia are sharing their latest video "Keres" along with the announcement that they will be hitting the road in April with Joplin, MO's The Order of Elijah for show dates in Texas and Oklahoma (dates below).

The track "Keres" tells the story of the Keres or the goddesses of violent death. The Keres would be summoned by Zeus to kill those not yet deemed ready to die by their sisters, who are called the Moirai (Sisters of Fate).

Watch and listen to "Keres" below!

Tour Dates:​

April 19 - Tulsa, OK - Bad-Ass Renee's w/ Order of Elijah 
April 20 - Dallas, TX - Haltom Theater w/ Order of Elijah 
April 21 - Corpus Christi, TX - Boozers w/ Order of Elijah 
April 22 - Houston, TX - Raid Fest w/ Order of Elijah 
August 26 - Battle Creek, MI - The Music Factory - Michigan Metalfest After-party w/ Brojob, Filth, Autumn Lies Buried

Hailing from the Midwest, USA, deathcore act Abaddonia got together back in 2019 and after pandemic delays they released their debut EP “Dawn of the Serpent” on March 3rd.

“Dawn of the Serpent” is, to an extent, an opening and closing of a chapter for Abaddonia. They had pieces of what remained on this EP back when they started, but thanks to the pandemic, things were indefinitely put on hold. They shifted from a personal-lyric project that focused on personal aspects to embracing that tarot, witchy, dark stuff that they were using their branding for. “Dawn of the Serpent” marks a new horizon beyond what they once viewed as their horizon. They comment:

“We are elated to be unveiling our debut musical compilation “Dawn of the Serpent”. With this, we hope to bring music that can be used interchangeably throughout the day. We hope that people can listen to every single track at their altars, at the gym, at work through their headphones, anything. We want to offer something polished, but still containing some raw elements. Storytelling, but with emotion. This album helped us find our identity, and we hope to accurately tell that story to all of our followers.”

Abaddonia says that they think this is a great starting point for them and that there are definite building blocks rooted in the foundation of this EP that will carry into their more solidified sound as they grow into it. Atmospheric, brooding, and unique “Dawn of the Serpent” offers a wide, but consistent sound that is consumable to a diverse audience, but is also something capable of being held sacred to a particular niche of metal-heads into occult vibes. It is recommended for fans of Lorna Shore, Shadow of Intent, and Aversions Crown.

“Dawn of the Serpent” is now available on all digital platforms at https://linktr.ee/abaddonia and Abaddonia.bandcamp.com

Track Listing:

1. Horsemen Pt 1- War (ft. Casey Needler) - 4:29 
2. Keres - 4:28 
3. Holy Water - 3:16 
4. Mortifer (ft. Devin Duarte) - 4:27 
5. Dawn of the Serpent - 3:30


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