SWERVE CITY - Release AUDIOSLAVE Cover "Cochise"


New Zealand Heavy, Alternative Rock outfit, Swerve City have released an AUDIOSLAVE cover of "Cochise".

Swerve City is a band from Auckland, New Zealand that seems drawn together by fate. 

The new single 'Moving Pictures' explores the inner world filtered through the effect of anxiety and depression, where negative thought patterns feel like endless mazes that are impossible to escape from. Introspective lyrics emerge from a wall-of-sound blast, as Swerve City continue to unveil and develop their contribution to the NZ rock scene.

Adam Forsdyke (Drums) hopped into an Uber one night, driven by the unsuspecting Kevin Ashby (Lead Guitars, Vocals). Around the same time, Shannon Coulomb (Bass) and JP Carroll (Guitar, lead vocals) were toying with the idea of creating something new, to accompany the pair’s respective solo projects (Imposter Syndrome, Arrays). JP and Kevin shared the stage when their former bands (Armed In Advance, Fire At Will) had played shows together several years prior. At Swerve City’s first band meeting it was discovered that, unbeknown to them both, Shannon’s parents had purchased Adam’s grandparents’ house. The scene was set.

Swerve City is on a mission to create music that is a salve for life’s problems. The band stands for loyalty, camaraderie and humility; Four would-be comedians on the same page, one where openness to opportunity is valued, and the word ‘no’ has been removed from the vocabulary.

The sound is one of blistering and melodic leads, expressive and composed bass lines, jack-hammer drum arrangements, thunderous guitar riffs, and emotive vocal melodies and lyrics that tackle everything from fear of the future to ancient philosophy.

Thoughtful and ambitious, vehement and assured, Swerve City is a band with a plan, and all the pieces are falling into place.