BLANKFILE - Reveal Video For New Single "The Counterweight"

Belgrade, Serbia-based Hardcore/Metal outfit, Blankfile have released a music video for their new single "The Counterweight".

Blankfile is a band from Belgrade, Serbia, which was formed in 2008 from the ashes of the previous incarnation of the band with the same name. They quickly released an EP titled “Fast Foreword” in 2009, as an introduction to their new sound. Not long after, their first album under this new line-up titled “Turning the Season” was released, which the band promoted with a month-long European tour in 2010. In 2012 they released the single "Roadkill", followed by two EPs, the eponymous "Blankfile" in 2013 and "We Are" in early 2016, and another single “Needle. Marks. South.” somewhere in between.

Undergoing numerous lineup changes by this point, the band’s sound evolved from the original punk rock style of the early releases, into a full-fledged metalcore act. The constant lineup changes were affecting the creative process, but the band managed to release two more standalone singles in 2018 titled “One is All" and "The End of Us".

In September of 2018, the band celebrated their 10-year anniversary with a special show in their hometown performing songs all the way from their earliest releases up to their latest creations, and with former band members and close friends joining them on stage and participating in various songs.

But the storm did not pass, and another lineup change was on the horizon. This one leaving the band wondering if it is even worth carrying on. The core members looked inward and started working on new material, one that would drive the band even further away from their roots and bring them closer to full blown rage.

The result was a new EP titled “Truth Be Sold”, released in the summer of 2020. It was produced by The Brick Hit House, a studio in Boston who had worked with noteworthy bands such as Lionheart, The Ghost Inside, Deez Nuts, and Parkway Drive, to name a few. While not completely shedding the metal aspects of their previous releases, listeners can clearly discern that Blankfile has doubled down on more modern and aggressive hardcore sound. Few publications have already named “Truth Be Sold” as one of the best alternative releases in South-East Europe for 2020. Apart from the music, Blankfile is continuously engaging in different social activities and striving to support the underground scene in Serbia.