HUNTING GIANTS - Share New Video "Among Thieves" Is A Strong Message About Addiction's Destructive Nature

Canada's Hunting Giants are sharing their next lyric video for the track "Among Thieves" off their latest album "Mythos" released this past September. The song hits close to home as their hometown of Vancouver, BC has been a focal point of the opioid crisis in their country.

The band goes into further detail about the track:

"As you listen to 'Among Thieves', the slow sensual riff of the verse comments on the seductive nature of destructive things which, we can use to temporarily ease our emotional or psychological pain. We move on to see how they slowly alter you into someone you weren't before. Under the racing gallops of the percussion, we explore how violence can seem to be the most effective and immediate solution to solve disagreements and needs. The guitar, bass, and percussion all ring out as the progressive rock elements of the song are featured in a vocal chant expressing fear, pain, and hope. As the drums drop into halftime, we encounter a gritty taste of the life of those who live in addiction. A swell of guitar and stringed instruments signals the moment of self-realization and the protagonist has taken ownership of who they have become. We are greeted warmly by a swirling choir of vocals, guitar, and strings, which are broken by the toll of bells as our hero embraces his faults and opens his heart to the world. 'Among Thieves' is the epic on our album, ‘Mythos’."

Watch and listen to "Among Thieves" below!

“Mythos” is the crowning achievement of Hunting Giants' many years of musical work, writing and recording while gigging and enduring quarantine as a band during the Covid pandemic. The members of Hunting Giants all came from, and are inspired by, progressive rock and metal bands where songs would often pass the ten-minute mark. However, they desired to keep their own music concise and to the point, intentionally lacking much of the excess material that so often padded run-times of songs in the progressive rock-metal genre. Simple and clean lines are given priority over complicated abstractions that only challenge the player in an athletic way, provided that it serves the music.

Hunting Giants is confident that new listeners, as well as those familiar with them through their previous release “Skyward Eyes”, will find an accomplished intensity and listenability in “Mythos”, which represents their musical growth and evolution. Each of the thirteen songs was specially picked for the album to contribute to the overarching story in a theatrical and energetic manner. With riffs that will inspire and lyrics that will mystify.

"This album is musically very diverse as it ranges from intense white-knuckled metal tracks, down to gentle instrumental tracks peppered with melodic piano and haunting cello, all the way to epic ballads tastefully complimented by choirs, strings, and bells. Mythos lyrically explores archetypes, both heroic and villainous, that affect the world around us, as well as the inevitable fates which arise when these values are heinously held and expressed." adds the band.

Hunting Giants is recommended for those who enjoy a 90s vibe and progressive elements, especially fans of Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Tool, and Audioslave.

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1. Mythos - 3:28 
2. Ancient Text - 3:18 
3. Too Big To Kill - 3:06 
4. Rituals - 3:57 
5. Among Thieves - 5:28 
6. Whispers - 2:16 
7. Vanguard - 2:54 
8. Mantle - 3:19 
9. Kindred - 4:05 
10. Epitaph - 1:09 
11. Into Stone - 4:55 
12. Remnant - 4:00 
13. King of Ashes - 2:52