FEATHER MOUNTAIN - Announces Danish Shows and Releases Live Video "Sincere"

This past September, Danish Progressive Metal quartet FEATHER MOUNTAIN released its second album ‘To Exit A Maelstrom’. The album is an ambitious further development of the band’s characteristic progressive metal, while the record thematically is a deeply personal story about the loss of a dear one to the slowly dissolving disease Alzheimer’s. ‘To Exit A Maelstrom’ was overwhelmingly received internationally by the public and press with e.g. Metal Hammer UK rating it 8/10 proclaiming the record to be “​​a powerful experience that induces an equally powerful emotional response.”

Now, FEATHER MOUNTAIN announces a batch of Danish shows in the months to come, including two December shows as support for MØL and VOLA respectively, while the band will also perform at the annual When Copenhell Freezes Over showcase at Vega in Copenhagen. In the same breath, the band shares a live video for the album single ‘Sincere’ giving a good impression on the band’s powerful live appearances.

Lead singer Mikkel Aaen Lohmann states on the live video:

"Hecticmundo has made a documentary about "To Exit a Maelstrom" and our wonderful collaboration continues. We want to share with you this live footage of our performance at Copenhagen Metal Fest in 2021 that he did with us. Intertwined with the live shots are some beautiful visuals that bring mystique and an other-worldly feeling that resonates with the spirit of Feather Mountain and 'Sincere'. Our producer Johan Emanuel Jørgensen did the mix and mastering on this version of 'Sincere' and it will soon be found on the major streaming platforms. We are looking forward to our Denmark tour and we want to show the metal crowd our skills as a live band as well as songwriters. We want to draw the audience into our universe where pain, hatred and hope for a better future is essential.”

FEATHER MOUNTAIN Live Danmark 2022/2023 

16.12.22 - Bygningen, Vejle (w. MØL) 
17.12.22 - Vega, København (w. VOLA & H.E.R.O) 
17.02.23 - Radar, Aarhus (w. Deadnate & Galge) 
18.02.23 - Templet, Lyngby (w. Deadnate and Être) 
28.01.23 - When Copenhell Freezes Over, Vega, Copenhagen 
24.02.23 - Ungdommens Hus, Fredericia (w. Deadnate & Galge) 
03.03.23 - Kansas City, Odense (w. Deadnate & Galge) 
04.03.23 - Stars Vordingborg , Vordingborg (w. Deadnate & Late Night Venture) 
11.03.23 - KONFUS , Esbjerg (w. Deadnate & Galge) - event

FEATHER MOUNTAIN was formed in 2017 and from its inception, the band has consistently labored towards creating music that utilizes the contrasts from the heaviness of metal and the dreaminess of alternative rock. As the band moniker FEATHER MOUNTAIN illustrates, exactly the contrasts and nuances is pivotal to the band, which seeks towards creating sound and images that encompasses the duality and complexity of existence within its whole musical totality.

FEATHER MOUNTAIN debuted in 2019 with the album ‘Nidus’ with which they conveyed their own personal, faceted version of newer progressive metal, while they lyrically developed existential themes revolving around sickness and body in a symbolic, metaphorical language. Along with the debut album followed concerts, before the pandemic in 2020 complicated touring, but the band managed to play a string of shows, among those Progspace’s online event and Copenhagen Metal Fest 2021.

Since the release of ‘Nidus’, FEATHER MOUNTAIN has been working on new music and alongside producer Johan Emanuel Jørgensen, the band has completed its second album ‘To Exit a Maelstrom’ which was released on September 2nd 2022. The strictly limited vinyl version of the album can be ordered via the band’s Bandcamp site HERE.