BLAME KANDINSKY - Share New Single "Vague"

The Greek lovechild of Botch and The Dillinger Escape Plan, the raucously brilliant Blame Kandinsky, have streamed their excellent new single 'Vague'.

'Vague', the second glimpse of their forthcoming album Eclectic Ruiner (2nd December, Venerate Industries), can be viewed below!

Pre-order Eclectic Ruiner here:

Guitarist Marios Samaris comments: "'Vague' refers vaguely to our existence. We've been thinking about how elusive is, in fact, to be alive; trying to find that piece that the world is seeking. People constantly studying the past and the future, making recipes which theoretically will help them to achieve happiness while everything is transitory. Do we feel alive? What's the cost of one's dream? Would any of it make sense if there was no end? It seems like there are no successes, no failures, no patterns, no universal truth. There is just the urge to escape any routine. As surprises and the aftermaths grind on, all is vague."

A highly regarded group from Athens, Blame Kandinsky in their time have played alongside Cavalera Conspiracy, and toured multiple times across Europe. The band released their debut album Spotting Elegance In Chaos in 2017, recorded 100% live, capturing the very essence of a group steeped in the creative tradition of the best mathcore and melodic hardcore.

Due to COVID activity hiatus, Blame Kandinsky used the years to focus entirely on the compositional honing of Eclectic Ruiner. The group’s second album is a broad concept record about everyday struggle – it describes the idea that pain is not an illusion, and empathy is essential in order to survive.

In a world asphyxiated by indecency, racism, inequality, and greed, the brutal honesty of Eclectic Ruiner shines though. Elements of Fall of Troy, The Chariot, Every Time I Die, and even Converge also blossom on a record that overflows with fury, melody, and passion. A true gem from the East.


1 Vague 
2 Complicit 
3 Ruined 
4 Discomfort 
5 Empty 
6 Piquerism 
7 Gertrude 
8 Lisp 
9 Delusional 
10 Chasten 
11 Ego