WOLVES AT THE GATE - Drop Brand New EP “Eulogies (Live Sessions)”

WOLVES AT THE GATE have dropped a live EP, dubbed "Eulogies (Live Sessions)", today, September 23rd, via Solid Sate Records. It features live renditions from the band's fifth album "Eulogies", which arrived in March.

"Whenever we are writing new material, we always try to envision what these songs will feel like in a live setting", says Steve Cobucci. "When we finished writing 'Weight of Glory,' it was easily the track we were most excited about bringing to life in a live setting. After being unable to play shows for a couple of years due to the lockdown, when we finally got together to play these songs, 'Weight of Glory' was the first one we wanted to play. It was a fun and explosive moment for us that really got us excited for the prospect of playing live music again".

Get the EP: https://watg.ffm.to/live


1. Shadows (Live Session) 
2. Peace That Starts The War (Live Session) 
3. Lights & Fire (Live Session) 
4. Weight of Glory (Live Session) 
5. Silent Anthem (Live Session)