VENTED - Crushes All With Their Brand New Song "My Desire"

Vented is an international supergroup featuring Sean Zatorsky (Daath, Sinsaenum, ex-Chimaira), Austin D’Amond (Bleed The Sky, ex-Chimaira), Greg Hajer (Omega Diatribe), and Simon C. Bondar (White Tiger).

Their brand new song's called 'My Desire' from the forthcoming full-length debut record 'Cruelty And Corruption' takes you back in time to the finest era of groove metal/nu metal with pure sonic aggressiveness, soul squeezing melodies, wall breaker riffs and insane drumming.

Sean Zatorksy (singer) said the following about the new song 'My Desire':

"My Desire is one of the first songs we wrote, it always felt like it should have been the first single. The song has so much groove, and so much vibe, it appealed to my friends more than any other track. My Desire is about to be myself and push the boundaries of anything I had ever attempted before. Almost an ego death of sorts, push until you can't push any further, until you achieve the impossible, hold nothing back. Essentially switching up my vocal style to finally be able to showcase something other than just screaming. This song was the beginning of the rest of the album, it set the tone and pace, for my vocals."

Vented has started to work on their debut record in 2021 originally with the mighty Joey Jordison (ex-Slipknot/Vimic/Sinsaenum) on drums and french music producer HK Krauss (Sinsaenum, Betraying The Martyrs, Dagoba...etc) but due to the unfortunate tragedy, Austin jumped behind the drums to keep Joey's legacy.

HK Krauss (producer) said the following about the forthcoming record 'Cruelty And Corruption': "When I heard the Vented's demos for the first time I liked it immediately. It reminds me the bands I was listen to when I was a kid but with this modern touch that makes Vented unique imho. Producing that album was so cool and refreshing because I mixed it in the old fashion way. No overproduced sound. Just music, feelings and punch! My Desire is one of my favorites songs of the album. It got everything I liked in metal music. I truly hope people will enjoy this album as much as I do!"

'Cruelty And Corruption' will contains 13 bangers which showscase the rawness and sonic brutality of the band without any compromise!