REGULATE - Break Through Standards On New Single “Hair”

Today, Regulate shares “Hair”, the third single from their upcoming self-titled album set for release September 30th on Flatspot Records. On the song the band play with different rhythms, shying away from their mosh-ready blend of hardcore while still packing a flair for groove. Soulful vocals meet rock-forward guitars encompassing lyrics about self-acceptance.

Speaking on the track coming together, vocalist Sebastian Paba explained:

“‘Hair’ is about becoming comfortable and appreciative of my physical features. Eurocentric characteristics have been seen as the standard of beauty for some time but that’s changing day by day and I hope this song can help that along. I didn’t write this song to put down those features but to uplift people who don’t fit into that standard. Expression through physical characteristics and clothing is important to me and it’s taken time for me to feel confident in that, I’m still working towards it. Hair is a huge piece of that puzzle. Sonically, it’s very unique compared to our other material but it’s been a long time coming for us. It might not sound like something you’d normally expect from us but at the same time I don’t think it’s surprising that we’d write a song like this. It was a challenge in the studio, but we welcomed it and I think we got it right.”

Produced, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Jon Markson (Drug Church, Soul Blind), Regulate takes the band to another level, teetering between a traditional hardcore sound and something more striking, pulling additional inspiration from Latin music and R&B. Regulate has always been an outlet for vulnerability - the band’s previous album In the Promise of Another Tomorrow (2018) shined with commentary on identity and power structure complimented by explosive musicianship. This time, Paba presents some of his most personal lyrics to date, pushing forth thoughts on serious topics like genocide against indigenous peoples and more light-hearted notes of just loving making music. Regulate is available for pre-order here now and a list of upcoming shows can be found below.

Regulate Tracklist:

1. In The Moment 
2. The Crime 
3. Why Can't We? 
4. Hair 
5. Ugata 
6. You & I 
7. In This Life And The Next (H.H.C) 
8. Work 
9. New York Hates You 
10. C.O.P

Upcoming Shows:

10/8 - Sayreville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom w/ E.Town Concrete + Incendiary 
10/9 - Philadelphia, PA @ The F.U. Church w/ Life’s Question + Hangman 
11/5 - New Haven, CT @ State House w/ Crown of Thornz 
12/10+11 - Bogata, Colombia @ 100% Hardcore Fest