RED LETTER - Release New Single Video "Falling Star"

Buffalo, NY-based Metalcore outfit, Red Letter have released a music video for their new single "Falling Star"

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Red Letter is more than just a five piece alternative metalcore band from Buffalo, NY. Red Letter is a directive of hope, a message to connect the world through music and to show humanity they can achieve anything with enough metal in their veins.

"In life we often find ourselves face to face with seemingly insurmountable problems or standing at crossroads facing difficult choices that we must overcome. Then there comes a shift, where we as individuals decide to make life changing decisions to become who we strive to be. We choose to push through the past and begin a journey on a path of personal “rebirth”. A time when we decide we are no longer victims, no longer prisoners of our old ways. We refuse to take part in lifestyles that have led us to dead ends. This is the period of our lives to be noted with great life changing importance, a time to be written as our own Red Letter."

With a wide array of influences and backgrounds, The band aims to create a fresh sonic landscape through the use of relatable and impactful lyrics, melodies, hard hitting riffs, and emotionally positioned instrumental samples. Red Letter plans to light the metal world on fire with their upcoming single and video “Burn it down” ft. Shawn Spann of I, The Breather.