PALE SKY - Drop Video For New Single "Wither" (feat. Johnny Ciardullo)

Vancouver, British Columbia.-based Progressive Metalcore duo, Pale Sky have released a new single and music video "Wither" (feat. Johnny Ciardullo).

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Pale Sky are a progressive metalcore duo reflecting our civilization’s state of decay.

A fresh take on a familiar genre, vocalist Quinn McGraw and guitarist Ben Davis fuse nostalgic metalcore with modern ferocity, blending raw and expressive vocal performances over merciless instrumentals to form an unfiltered outlet of pure frustration. Aiming their crosshairs at the self-destructive tendencies of the human race, they are the soundtrack for what we’re becoming; lightless in a dark mind, peering through a pale sky.

Having already released five singles since 2021-addressing a range of topics from the world elite’s insatiable thirst for wealth, to the immensely negative impacts of social media and AI algorithms on society-Pale Sky descends with an offer of aggressively honest sociopolitical commentary on modern society writ large.

The Vancouver based studio duo has appeared on idobi Howl’s ‘New Adds’ alongside Lorna Shore and Hacktivist, were featured on the front page of IDIOTEQ with Napalm Death and At The Gates, and have premiered songs on Hardcore Worldwide and BVTV. Planting the seeds for a fruitful harvest with their first wave of singles, with plans to follow them up with their debut album in the near future, Pale Sky will undoubtedly emerge as heavy music heavyweights and remain a household name in years to come.