IRONED OUT - Tackle Injustice and Abuse of Police Power in New Single/Video

London hardcore six-piece Ironed Out have released new single / video 'Always Be A Foe', a song dedicated to those who have been the victims of police wrongdoing.

Watch the video to 'Always Be A Foe' BELOW!

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The band comment "The police are unfortunately a necessary evil. For some of the good they do, there is plenty of bad that follows. They protect property and capital first and foremost. This goes out to anyone who has had the misfortune of being mistreated or neglected by the police in any way."

Catch Ironed Out live:

30/09/22 - Readyfest - New Cross Inn, London 
04/11/22 - w/ Burn Alive & Stamp Out - The Birdcage, Portsmouth 
10/11/22 - w/ The Chisel & High Vis - The Underworld, London 
08/04/23 - Donfest - Eiger Studios, Leeds

The single follows Ironed Out's highly acclaimed third album We Move As One, released in 2020 via GSR Music.

Founded in 2014 by stalwarts of London's LBU scene, including Wema of the legendary Knuckledust, Ironed Out are a well seasoned machine who quickly built a reputation as one of the UK's toughest sounding live bands. As well as being well respected on the UKHC live circuit, 2019 saw the band join the Rebellion 8 tour in Europe playing alongside Madball and Death Before Dishonor and Born From Pain.

In a world on the brink of societal collapse, hardcore music is as important as ever, and Ironed Out are flying the flag for the UK scene.