GREBER - Unveil Music Video For Harsh Sludge/Hardcore Track “Nosebleed”

Greber is a harsh grind/hardcore act, coming at ya’ from the east coast of Canada. They have recently released a new album “Fright Without”, which is their fourth full-length. They now have a video for the track “Nosebleed”, an honest look at reality, which will throw listeners directly into the fray that is their low-end dominant, noise-encrusted, hardcore grind. They explain in their own words:

“This one is a bit all over the place. Maybe TOO all over the place perhaps. We dig it nonetheless. Topically….and orally….this one is just a reckoning with the fact that we are all closer to death than we can ever imagine. Either that or further than we can imagine. The nug of bullshit that I’m getting at is that few people are ever aware of the fact that they are doing something for the last time. The last time is just the last time and then whatever it is you were doing, ends. Life. Your car. Your hair. Your friends. Just love the shit out of as much as you can throughout the duration of the current nightmare you’re experiencing. There I go pontificating again.”

The video for “Nosebleed” can be seen and heard below!

For the duo of Steve Vargas (drums/vocals) (The Great Sabatini) and Marc Bourgon (bass, vocals) (ex-F*ck The Facts), the lyrics always come first and the rest of the song is built around them. Primary songwriter Bourgon mentions that he’s started taking way longer to form and conceptualize song ideas before even picking up the bass and it helped him keep things focused.

Compared to their other albums, they say that this new one is the same, but different; there is evidence of evolution, but fans who have been with them from the beginning will still get along with the new offering.

Greber invites the world to indulge in gritty vocals and a harsh low-end attack. They are recommended listening for fans of Unearthly Trance, Cult Leader and Primitive Man.

“Fright Without” is available from the following labels: Ancient Temple and Nofuneral for Vinyl, CD, and Cassette in Canada, Hibernation Release for Vinyl in the USA, and 7 Degrees and Fresh Outbreak for Vinyl in Europe.

Album order -

Track Listing:

1. Form (2:21) 
2. Aging Debt (2:22) 
3. Fabricated Purpose (3:43) 
4. Into Silence (2:59) 
5. Bush Cord of Entrails (1:56) 
6. Larkinitis (3:25) 
7. Dark Corners (2:34) 
8. Rats of Subversion (4:52) 
9. Nosebleed (3:05) 
10. Tree Carving (1:33)