RAILGUN - Release Video For New Single "Night Terrors"

Melodic Death Metal quartet Railgun have released a video for their raucous new single 'Night Terrors'.

Check out the video for 'Night Terrors' below!

Railgun comment on the new single:

"'Night Terrors' is a foray into something slightly more theatrical both musically and visually for Railgun. The song is dark, heavy, melodic, and is complemented by an incredible music video directed by Curtis Jensen of Apple Wagon Films. This is without a doubt our best, and most cohesive work to date."

It’s difficult to define Railgun’s music based on genres alone. Some have described their music as “crossing a number of elements from melodic death metal, to heavy metal, to metalcore, to groove metal and beyond.” Although it may be easier, and more accurate, to classify their music as “a ground shaking elemental force” (The Circle Pit).

Formed in 2009, Railgun’s style was deeply influenced by the metalcore pioneers from the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. As time went on and line-ups changed, the band naturally synthesised into something that was far more eclectic and versatile. Their album Tension firmly drives this point home when measured up against their previous works. Throughout the release, Railgun flaunt their ability to bridge the gap between crushing heavy riffs and beautiful melodic lines, a juxtaposition that has a unique way of drawing upon the deeply rooted emotions of the listener.

Railgun are releasing a series of singles as a follow-up to Tension, which will continue to grow and evolve not only their sound, but what Railgun are artistically. The new material is a testament to the band's willingness to push past what people expect, treading into uncharted territory.